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What do the letters TT mean?

The letters TT after a dog's name stand for Temperament Tested. This is a test given by the United States Temperament Testing Association. It is designed to test a dog's reaction to several different situations thus proving or disproving a steady and reliable temperament.

Temperament Testing is open to all breeds and it is not competative. The reactions of each dog is monitored and scored individually on a pass or fail basis.

The following are some examples of tests used by the United States Temperament Testing Association:

1. Sitting politely while a stranger greets the handler, but not the dog.

2. Sitting politely for petting by a stranger who ignores the handler.

3. Heeling on lead with handler away from test area while test administrator fires a gun from behind the dog/handler.

4. While heeling on lead with handler, a stranger quickly approaches the dog and hugs him/her around the neck. **This simulates an unfamiliar child approaching the dog in public**

5. While heeling on lead with handler, the dog must walk across strange surfaces such as plastic, folded crates, etc.

6. Dog and handler are approached in a threatening way by test administrator. *Administrator may yell, make threatening motions with cane or stick, etc.* This test is scored keeping in mind the individual characteristics of different breeds, but dog must not try to run away or hide behind handler.

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