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What do the letters CD mean?

The letters CD after a dog's name means that he/she has obtained the AKC obedience title of Companion Dog.

The requirements for a CD title are as follows:

1. Heel on Leash & Figure Eight

2. Stand/Stay for Examination

3. Heel Free

4. Recall

5. Long Sit (1 minute)

6. Long Down (3 minutes)

To Earn AKC Obedience Titles

A qualifying score is comprised of more than 50% of the available points in each exercise, and a final score of 170 or more points earned in a single Regular Class at a Licensed or Member Obedience Trial. The dog must have earned qualifying scores under three different judges at Licensed or Member Obedience Trials with the required total number of dogs present in the class at each trial. In the Open and Utility classes the dog must have earned the required titles before entering these classes.

Purpose Of AKC Obedience Trials

To demonstrate the usefulness of the purebred dog as a companion to man and not merely the dog's ability to follow specified routines in the Obedience ring. While all contestants in a class are required to perform the same exercises in substantially the same way so that the relative quality of the various performances may be compared and scored, the basic objective of Obedience Trials is to produce dogs that have been trained and conditioned always to behave in the home, in public places, an in the prescence of other dogs in a manner that will reflect credit on the sport of Obedience.

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